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Florida is the #1 state in the United States for water damage claims. The cause of all the water damage is a variety of damage claims including floods, AC leaks, ceiling damage from roof leaks, pipe damage/breaks, mold and hurricanes. According to the Sun Sentinel, 79% of water damage claims in Florida during 2014 were attributable to some type of water damage. Common sources of water damage include leaks in the ceiling, plumbing failures, and leaking air-conditioning units.

 Insurance companies are trying to limit their exposure to water damage claims by denying as many as they can. Many Florida homeowners’ carriers such as Velocity, Universal, Heritage, Security First, Federated National, Tower Hill and People’s Trust have excluded water damage completely from homes that are over 40 years old. Insureds are only given the ability to buy back $10,000 in “limited water damage” coverage for an additional premium.

 If your flood or water damage claim is denied, do not lose hope! It is not over! It is not uncommon for a flood or water damage claim to be denied by the insurance company, but that decision is not final. If you ask the insurance company for a written explanation as to why the claim was denied, they must provide you a reason. Verify the details of your insurance policy and make sure you review the wording very carefully as to miss anything important and relevant. Insurance policies are essentially legal contracts that are open to interpretation by the courts. So, if your insurance company has denied your flood or water damage claim, a court is able to reverse that decision.

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters can help you in your water damage claim. We are a local Public Adjuster in Florida.

Even if you water damage claim is denied, call us. There is nothing to lose by calling The Claim Squad Public Adjusters and spending a few minutes to see if we can help you. Contacting a Public Adjuster in Florida is the first step.
The most visible damage caused by water damage is from roof leaks and it is a yellow stain on the ceiling. AC units that are leaking cause not only ceiling damage, but also interior damage on the walls, baseboards, and in some circumstances, even the floors. If a building, condo complex, offices, apartment buildings are damaged, complications could arise depending on the building. One of the most challenging occurrences dealing with a water-related issue is that the full extent of the damage is not always obvious immediately. This type of long-term damage can come in many different forms and could have lasting affects if not handled properly. Water damage may cause problems behind the walls or in other areas of the home that are difficult or impossible to see and homeowners may be left to deal with the damages. They could consist of the const of extracting and drying the water, ruined carpeting or flooring, damaged furniture, damaged electronics, mold growth, structural damage including drywall and foundational damage.

Water damage can come from so many different sources that its important to hire a public adjuster in Florida that has handled hundreds of these claims. There is NO cost to you. FREE CONSULATION!

Over the past five years, the restrictions on water damage claims in Florida have become even more defined. If mold is present, or the leak can be proven to have been in existence for 14 days or more without a fix or resolution, many policies may exclude the damage from coverage. This position by the insurance companies means that it is even more important to hire a public adjuster like us, The Claim Squad Public Adjusters. We will help you hire the right contractors if needed in order to stop the water damage. The Claim Squad Public Adjusters will gather all the evidence and documentation needed to create a demand for a settlement to your insurance company.

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today. We can help with your water damage CLAIM


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