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Ceiling Stains?
Water dripping?
Roof Issues?

Roofing Insurance Claims in Florida

Florida elements such as the sun, humidity, rain,and winds all cause havoc on our roofs . Florida is #1 in roof replacements in the entire United States due to these conditions. Florida also has strict building codes to ensure homes are built for the maximum protection from hurricanes. Issues that arise may not even be visible to the naked eye and valleys where water sits can cause a slow headache or leak damage. There are also some major issues that could arise with your roof and you may not be able to see the damage. There are often broken or cracked tiles and sometimes the issues lie under the tiles themselves.

If you have any issues with your roof, at least give us a call to check things out. There is NO cost to you. FREE CONSULATION!

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters can help you in your roof damage claim. We are a local Public Adjuster in Florida.

The main causes of roof failures are broken shingles, cracked flashing, cracked vent booting, skylight installation, cracked chimney, and improperly sealed valleys. The damage caused by roofing damage can vary greatly from simply a room, specific spot or corner, or throughout the entire house. Homeowners should be diligent when looking at ceilings, walls, baseboards, and the floorboards for damage. Homeowners should also make sure to investigate other areas of the interior of the home to check for water damage or leaks.

 It is important to find an experienced Public Adjuster and it is crucial when facing roof damage. The Claim Squad Public Adjusters will go through a ten-point checklist to identify roof damage. We are very detailed and don’t miss anything. Interior home damage needs to be assessed, estimated, photos need to be taken and diagrams drawn. We use up to date technology to assist in providing the claim. The insurance company will take an adversarial position towards roof damage claims because they simply do not want to pay for a new roof or the residual damage inside the home.

You will need a public adjuster in Florida to document, inspect, estimate, and take photos of the damage. We bring in mold experts to clean out the mold and we help find a restoration company to get the damage cleaned up and put back right. Insurance companies will try to make the case that they are not responsible for all the mold damage, repair processes, or to rebuild the property. That is where we come in! Make sure you find a good claim adjuster in your area to help you build your case and not only fix your house, but also, your health!

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today, or let’s schedule a virtual call. We can help get your roof paid and repaired.


Our Services

Leave the work to us while you handle what’s important, here’s how it works:

Step 1

Initial Contact

Contact us immediately to file your claim

Step 2

Review & Discussion

Our expert team will review your policy and discuss your claim within 24 hours

Step 3

Build your case

We’ll meet up, estimate the damages, and take photos of the damage.

Step 4

We make a demand for settlement

By law, insurance companies have 90 days to make a payment or deny your claim

Now doing Goole Meet, Zoom and Skype Virtual call

Immediately inspection of your poperty
Policy Review
Claim Discussion

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