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Mold Damage Insurance Claim

Water damage in your home or building can cause mold. Mold can appear on the wall visible or hidden behind walls. There are four kinds of health problems that occur when exposed to mold and that includes allergic illnesses, irritant effects, infections, and toxic effects. For people that are sensitive to molds, their symptoms will include nasal and sinus irritation or congestions, dry hacking cough, wheezing, skin rashes or burning sensations on the skin, and/ or watery or reddened eyes. If you have a serious reaction to mold, you could develop reactions like hay-fever-like symptoms or shortness of breath. It might surprise most Americans to know that the highest occurrence of mold in residential and commercial properties is not just in “wet” states like Florida, Oregon, or the Carolinas. These states are still among the front runners for mold damage and contamination, but other “drier” states have climbed into the top ten, dispelling the conventional wisdom that climate is the best determinant of mold growth.

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today, send us an email, or let’s schedule a virtual call. We can help get your roof paid and repaired.

Florida is the still the #1 state for highest occurrence of mold in residential and commercial properties, followed by:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Tennessee

Damage from mold requires a restoration to come in to complete the clean out process. Normally, mold removal requires opening walls/ceilings and finding mold throughout the house by using a handheld device that locates “wetness.” Then, special chemicals including bleach is used to kill the mold and remove it. Other commercial equipment is used like dehumidifiers and blowers to “dry” the property out. Depending on the amount of water and severity of damage, this commercial equipment can be on your property for several days or even weeks depending on how much mold and how much it spread.
Unlike other property damage, Mold is the only condition where you and your family can be subjected to medical issues. This is something that should be taken seriously. We have dealt with 100’s of Mold Damage claims so allow us to help get things under control. There is NO cost to you. FREE CONSULTATION!
The Claim Squad Public Adjusters can help you in your Mold damage claim.

You will need a public adjuster in Florida to document, inspect, estimate, and take photos of the damage. We bring in mold experts to clean out the mold and we help find a restoration company to get the damage cleaned up and put back right. Insurance companies will try to make the case that they are not responsible for all the mold damage, repair processes, or to rebuild the property. 

That is where we come in! Make sure you find a good Public adjuster in your area to help you build your case and not only fix your house, but also, your health!

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today, send us an email, or let’s schedule a virtual call


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