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Mold Damage Insurance Claim

Many insurance policies have limits on Mold Damage so be sure to see what limits and/or exclusions you have from your insurance company. 

You might have to check your policy to see how much in mold damage coverage you have.  The basic level of mold coverage for a homeowners insurance policy is $10,000.   It is probably a good idea to at least carry $15,000 or more in Mold Damage coverage.

Also, sometimes we see policies that state if the Mold Damage is older than 14 days, they will NOT afford any type of coverage.  This means they will DENY your claim.  However, we have ways to work around this limitation if the insurance company exploits this to their advantage.

When you have a Mold Insurance Claim it can get quite costly to do the necessary remediation and repairs.  Let’s look at what type of damages is caused by Mold Damage:

-Walls may be ripped opened and need to be replaced

-Ceilings opened and need to be repaired

-Wood might need to be replaced

-Electrical might need to be rewired if walls are being replaced or repaired


-Floors need to be replaced

The insurance company loves to deny mold insurance claims on the basis that the Mold was there for “an extended period of time greather than 14 days” therefore, they are NOT going to cover the damage.   Don’t fall for this common excuse they use NOT to pay you.  We can still help you if this does happen.

If you have a Mold Damage Insurance Claim we can help get your claim paid.

Florida is the still the #1 state for highest occurrence of mold in residential and commercial properties, followed by:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Tennessee

Mold Damage requires a restoration company to come in to complete the mold removal process. Normally, mold removal requires opening walls/ceilings and finding mold throughout the house by using a handheld device that locates “wetness.” 

Many times, mold testing is required to identify the levels of mold.  This testing is usually around $500.  Then the mold restoration company will do its best to remove the mold damage.  Black Mold is also common in Florida due to excess amount of water damage claims throughout the state.

Unlike other property damage, Mold is the only condition where you and your family can be subjected to medical issues. This is something that should be taken seriously. We have dealt with 100’s of Mold Damage claims so allow us to help get things under control.

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