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Did your Residential, Commercial Building, or Business sustain damage from a Lightning Strike?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in only a few types of claims. We happen to be experts in handling Lightning claims in Florida.

Do NOT just hire any public adjuster in Florida for your Lightning claim, hire true experts that specialize in the damage of Lightning claims to your property. Hire The Claim Squad Public Adjusters.

Contact us today. At least give us a call to see how we can help. It will be worth the call to contact the best public adjuster in Florida.

Information on Lightning Strikes in Florida that might surprise you

The National Weather Service states that Florida is the lightning capital of the country with more deaths due to strikes in the state each year than any other state. The most frequent lightning strikes occur in the Tampa Bay area, however, the chance of being struck by lightning in Florida is 1 in 3,000 over the course of a lifetime. That means, 20 Seminole students walking on campus today will be stuck by lightning at some point in their life, if they continue to live in Florida. 

Florida accounts for 16% of the average annual fatalities in the United States. Of those killed by lightning in Florida, 98% were outdoors, 89% were male, 30% were between the ages of 10 and 19, 20% were between the ages of 20 and 29, 25% were standing under a tree, 25% occurred in/on or near water.

 Lightning continues to top the charts in weather related deaths in Florida. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric association show that death statistics covering a thirty-five year period, lightning is 53.1% and that is above drowning, tornadoes, hurricanes, wind, cold, and miscellaneous.

The damage caused by Lightning strikes is substantial

Over $100 million dollars in property damage is cause by lightning and there are over 5,000 lightning claims submitted to the insurance company on a yearly basis. Most of the damage comes from power surges after lightning strikes. Damage from the strikes are appliances shorting out such as electronics, computers, televisions, phone systems, electrical fixtures, electrical systems throughout the house and businesses. Lighting can also leads to fires, which is a common occurrence for homeowners. A lightning protection system which will “ground” your home can be a great long term investment to help prevent electrical surges from lightning.

We handle Lightning claims different than other Public Adjusters

We have a different process when it comes to lighting strike claims. The Claim Squad Public Adjusters will be able to help with your claim swiftly and quickly and make sure to provide support for our clients in difficult times especially if there are casualties. We will submit to the insurance company our “Demand for Payment” package and will attempt to negotiate a settlement. To begin, we will gather weather reports, data, critical lightning incident forms from reporting government agencies. Then, we will take a property damage inventory report. We will then ask the homeowner or business for documentation showing proof of ownership and inventory of items. If there is a fire because of a strike, we will follow some of our protocols that is used in our fire investigation techniques.

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today, send us an email, or let’s schedule a virtual call


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