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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Did your Residential, Commercial Building, or Business sustain damage from a Hurricane or Tropical Storm?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in only a few types of claims. We are experts in Hurricane and storm damage claims.

Contact us today. At least give us a call to see how we can help. It will be worth the call to contact the best public adjuster in Florida.

Hurricane information

Hurricane season usually runs between August and October. Florida is one of the states in the US to get hit the hardest by this horrendous natural disaster. September and October are the busiest months for hurricanes for our claims department, and we are prepared to help those in need. Hurricane Michael was the last big hurricane was in October 2018 which struck the panhandle of Florida. 

Areas most likely to get hit by a hurricane are Northwest Florida, who had 66 hurricanes, Southwest Florida, who had 49 hurricanes, and Southeast Florida who had 49 hurricanes. Northeast Florida is least likely to see a hurricane as they have had 26 hurricanes.

Hurricane Sally Damage

Damage Hurricanes cause

The greatest impact from hurricanes come in the form of wind, rain, a storm surge, and flooding. Damage that is caused is usually roofs blown off and/or damaged, windows blown out, signs and fences and any piece of property not connected to the residence will most likely blow away or become damaged or damage something in their path. There is also a loss of electricity sometimes for weeks and people are often displaced from their homes for safety reasons and there is too much damage and the residence is unlivable. There is business interruption and non-property related damages can also occur from such storms.

How we handle your Hurricane damage claim

Our company, The Claim Squad Public Adjusters, help families and businesses get back on their feet. Our company has a unique process of handling a property damage claims. We would immediately help get a restoration company to your property to start mitigating your damages which means they would begin the damage control and cleanup process. We will then inspect your residence or building carefully, making sure that we take note of every angle. We will then take pictures and create computer generated 3D diagrams and scenes of the damage. We use them to enhance the visualization of the damages and give a precise and realistic image of the residence or business so we can accurately take note of all claims to show to the insurance company. We will then estimate the damages and examine your policy for loopholes meaning we will take the time to review your policy with our legal partners and search for loopholes or certain verbiage to ensure that the claim is paid to the fullest. Then, we will review state laws, hire certain relevant experts if needed, such as a plumber, electrician, contractor, building inspectors, whatever makes the most sense and then, we will get the local data points on wind gusts. 

But most importantly, we will make sure YOU’RE mental health is ok. Compassion is key. Once all of that is completed, we start negotiating with the insurance company for payment.

Call the The Claim Squad Public Adjusters today, send us an email, or let’s schedule a virtual call


Our Services

Leave the work to us while you handle what’s important, here’s how it works:

Step 1

Initial Contact

Contact us immediately to file your claim

Step 2

Review & Discussion

Our expert team will review your policy and discuss your claim within 24 hours

Step 3

Build your case

We’ll meet up, estimate the damages, and take photos of the damage.

Step 4

We make a demand for settlement

By law, insurance companies have 90 days to make a payment or deny your claim

Now doing Goole Meet, Zoom and Skype Virtual call

Immediately inspection of your poperty
Policy Review
Claim Discussion

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