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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Did you sustain damage from a Hurricane Florida or Tropical Storm Florida?

Meet one of the only Public Adjusters in Florida that is Hurricane Certified.

This means I have the capability to utilize resources most public adjusters do not have access to like:

-Detailed Macro & Micro wind reports

-Gather weather reports for specific Zip Codes and sections of a specific town

-Breakdown the composition of roofing tiles to identify what section was torn off first by a Hurricane in Florida or Tropical Storm

When a Florida Hurricane hits your area it causes widespread damage.  People think that their insurance company will “take care” of them and pay for all the storm damages caused by a Hurricane.   But think again.   They will not treat you fairly.  

The same thing happens with Tropical Storm Damage Claims.  A Tropical Storm in Florida can do as much damage as a Category 1 Hurricane.  In 2020, Florida was hit by 4 major Tropical Storms in different parts of the state.

People who file Hurricane Damage Claims as a result of a Hurricane in Florida usually get taken advantage of by a few ways:

  1.  If you have a high wind deductible they will tell you that the damages DO NOT exceed your deductible.  This is probably FALSE!   More than likely, the insurance company adjuster wrote a VERY LOW ESTIMATE

       2.  The estimates written by the insurance company adjuster will recklessly assign a high dollar amount of DEPRECIATION TO ITEMS LIKE YOUR ROOF TO REDUCE THE PAYOUT OF YOUR HURRICANE CLAIM.

       3.  Insurance companies will have NO QUALMS about DENYING your Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim if you report it a few months later? Even sometimes you report it right away then will still DENY YOUR CLAIM.  Then, what rights do you have if your Roof Claim is Denied as a result of a Florida Hurricane?  

4.  If you have damage inside your home, the insurance company adjuster will intentionally omit damages on the estimate that should be taken into consideration which is a direct result a Hurricane in Florida.

We can help with your Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim Or Storm Damage claim

Hurricane information

Florida Hurricane season usually runs between August and October.  Tropical Storms in Florida runs parallel to Hurricane season.  

Areas most likely to get hit by a hurricane are Northwest Florida, who had 66 hurricanes, Southwest Florida, who had 49 hurricanes, and Southeast Florida who had 49 hurricanes. Northeast Florida is least likely to see a hurricane as they have had 26 hurricanes.

Besides Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tropical Storms in Florida, general Storm Damage also is a big contributor to Lightning Strikes and hail damage.

Hurricane Sally Damage

Damage Hurricanes cause

The greatest impact from a Florida Hurricane comes in the form of:



-storm surge and flooding.

Damage that is caused is usually:

-roofs blown off and/or damaged

-windows blown out

-signs and fences

Also, any piece of property not connected to the residence will most likely blow away or become damaged or damage something in their path.

There is also a loss of electricity sometimes for weeks and people are often displaced from their homes for safety reasons and there is too much damage and the residence is unlivable. 

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