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Cast iron pipes can least 100 years! But, in the South Florida, many of these pipes have failed in as little as 25 years. Experts blame the regions humidity and salt-rich soil for speeding up pipe corrosion. In 2016, more than 28,000 lawsuits were filed due to pipe damage claims and this is a major problem in the state of Florida. Thousands of homes and businesses throughout Florida face the possibility of pipe cracks, damages, and even explosions.

Pipe damage can be severe from pipe damage claims resulting from complete house destruction from water and from that walls and floors tend to be the most likely of areas to have damage. In most cases, floors will need to be completely torn out just to replace the pipes. Commercial buildings face their own issues when it comes to the extensive networking of pipes and thousands of people can be affected by their damage. In the same way, a condominium complex could have many if not all units impacted by a damaged pipe. Since most of all of the piping systems run together, if one breaks down, more will follow and also damage will increase severely.
If you have any issues with your pipes, at least give us a call to review your policy first then we can explore possible options. There is NO cost to you. FREE CONSULATION! You will be surprise how we might be able to help.

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters can help you with your pipe damage claim. We are a local Public Adjuster in Florida.

When dealing with a pipe damage claim, it is a MUST to hire a public adjuster. Insurance companies have taken very stiff positions, so hiring a public adjuster will help you get your claim accepted and taken care of  the right way. Insurance companies are denying claims and some policies even say no to coverage at all. Some policies say only $10,000.00 maximum for pipe damage, when that is nowhere near what the damage will usually cost. The average pipe damage claim recovery is over $30,000 with a good public adjuster and the average without a public adjuster is less than $3,000. So make sure to get a really good public adjuster!

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters are experts in pipe damage claims. We find the source of the problem, hire a plumbing expert, and get you on your way. We have a full damage report estimate produced for you and we try to find loopholes in your policy or state laws to give you the best settlement possible.

Call today The Claim Squad Public Adjusters, send us an email, or let’s schedule a virtual call. We can help get the pipe damaged paid and everything repaired.


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We’ll meet up, estimate the damages, and take photos of the damage.

Step 4

We make a demand for settlement

By law, insurance companies have 90 days to make a payment or deny your claim

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