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Water Damage Claims and Water Damage Insurance Claims

Florida is the #1 state in the United States for water damage claims.

The cause of all the water damage is a variety of damage claims including:

  • AC leaks
  • ceiling damage from roof leaks
  • Pipe damage/breaks
  •  Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
  • Various Leaks from appliances

Insurance companies are trying to limit their exposure to water damage claims by denying as many as they can.

Air Conditioner Leaks
Appliance Hose Line Leaks
Washer Leaks
Refrigerator & Freezer Leaks
Plumbing Leaks
Pipe Cracks, Burst, and Leaks
Bathroom Leaks
Kitchen Leaks
Stained Ceiling from Roof
Sewage Backups
Water Damage after a Fire
Mysterious Leaks

And Many other Water Damage Claims…..

Many Florida homeowners’ carriers have excluded water damage completely from homes that are over 40 years old.  Some are only given the ability to buy back $10,000 in “limited water damage” coverage for an additional premium.

Here’s what you can possibly face with a water damage claim:

  1.  Denied claim
  2. Underpaid claim
  3.  Reduce your payout by attributing a large amount of “depreciation”
  4. Insurance companies like Citizens has their own contractor programs that they force you to use

Companies like Citizens Insurance offer their own contractors to repair the water damage should be carefully scrutinized.  Citizen’s calls this program, MRP, or the Managed Repair Program.


house and vehicles flooded
flooded neighborhood in florida

Why would you want the insurance companies contractor to repair your property when they use low grade materials, cheap labor, and complete the job with poor workmanship and quality.   THERE IS A WAY AROUND THIS TYPE OF PROGRAM.

So if you have a Water Damage Insurance Claim with your Homeowners Insurance or Condominium Insurance let me try to help you get what you deserve.

One question I often get with water damage claims is:

How to fight a denied water damage claim?   

There are many things a public adjuster can help with if your claim has been denied.   We would inspect your property, write an estimate, review your policy, and try to circumvent any policy language that would be not helpful to our position in trying to get your claim covered.

Sometimes, we can simply call the insurance company adjuster and provide evidence that the loss is in fact covered.

There are several other options available to you in your policy that we can take advantage of to expedite the claim handling process and possibly get you a settlement offer.

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