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Roof Damage? File a claim with the insurance company.

I am licensed to inspect roof insurance claims in Florida.

About 50% of my clients that have filed a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage have been told this

Why do insurance companies deny legitimate roof insurance claims?

Roof Insurance Claims

Ceiling Stains? Roof Leaks? Roofing Insurance Claims in Florida

More often than not, the insurance company knows if you are handling the claim yourself, you are less likely to fight them if they deny your claim.
Let’s cover the most frequent reasons why your roof damage insurance claim is denied:
a)  Your roof is Old
b)  The insurance company says according the policy “this is not caused by a covered peril” or “failed to cause an opening in the roof or wall”
c) damage is caused from wear and tear
d) An engineer is hired by the insurance company to provide “evidence” that your room damage is less than 25%
Why would an engineer say the damage is less than 25%?

In Florida, there is Florida Building Code 611.1.1 that basically states if you have roof damage to more than 25% of your roof you are entitled to a Roof Replacement.

What does a New Roof Cost?
Roof Replacement Cost?
This varies on the type of roof such as shingle tiled, concrete tiles, or a flat roof.  Generally speaking for a concrete tile roof the approximate cost per “squares” is $8.00 to $13.00 depending on the roofing contractor.

Florida is #1 in roof replacements in the entire United States.

How can we help when you have a roof claim? Simple.  We will start from the beginning, examine your roof, take notes of uplifted asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, evaluate the damages, then proceed to speak with your roofing contractor and also draw our own conclusion if necessary.  In rare situations, we might also employ a structural engineer to strengthen our claim.

As I mentioned from the start, about 50% of all the roof damage insurance claims I handle for people are situations where the ROOF CLAIM IS DENIED.   


Because homeowners tried to handle the claim and said the WRONG things to the insurance company and claim adjuster.

Don’t let this happen to you!!

The main causes of roof damage insurance claims are roof leaks caused by wind damage from either a Hurricane, Tornado, or Tropical Storm:

Uplifted Tiles, Broken Shingles, Cracked Flashing, Cracked Vent Booting, Cracked Chimneys & Valleys are compromised by strong winds

The damage caused by roofing damage can vary greatly from simply a room, specific spot or corner, or throughout the entire house.

Homeowners should be diligent when looking at ceilings, walls, baseboards, and the floorboards for damage. Homeowners should also make sure to investigate other areas of the interior of the home to check for water damage or leaks.

Roof Insurance Claims

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