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New Insurance Laws

New Roof Laws Have Passed in Florida.  It helps the insurance companies and hurts homeowners.

I would highly advise hiring a Public Adjuster from the start because it will be very difficult for the average person to get their roof insurance claim paid due to these new laws.  In order to get a new roof from insurance, you will need someone with a vast amount of experience to help you.

Roof Insurance Claims

5 Steps in Getting Insurance to Pay for a New Roof

How to Properly File a Roof Damage Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

Does your homeowners’ insurance cover a roof damage claim in Florida?
Yes!  If the damage to your roof was caused by:

  1. Wind
  2. Hall
  3. Fire

The main cause of a roof damage claim is a leaky roof caused by wind damage from either a Hurricane, Tornado or Tropical Storm

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