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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Slab Leaks?

Water Coming up from Floor?

The first sign of a slab leak is usually water seeping through the concrete slab, water coming up from floor, and you notice that your floors are wet.  At that point, the first thing you should do is contact a plumber.

Before you contact the insurance company and file a claim you need to know:

Is a Slab Leak covered by Insurance?

This can be tricky to answer. Yes, a slab leak could be covered by insurance, but the insurance company could also DENY your claim.

What you say to the insurance company will determine if they pay your claim.

Your claim will be covered or denied based on what you tell the insurance company.  When you call in the claim, what you say will either make or break your claim.  I would highly recommend you hire a public adjuster before you contact the insurance company.


When you call your slab leak insurance claim to the insurance company, they will ask you a series of questions.  A couple of those questions will be:

  • What’s the date of loss?
  • When did you first notice the leak?

If you tell the insurance company that you didn’t know about the leak so you don’t know how long it was leaking, then YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED!

If you tell the insurance company that your floors had been wet a couple months ago, then YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED

Anything you tell the insurance company about it being a long term issue or you don’t know when the leak happened will end up with YOUR CLAIM BEING DENIED.

We have helped homeowners that had a long term slab leak in the past, so we might be able to help you as well.


If your slab leak recently happened within a couple of weeks, then the insurance company should PAY YOUR CLAIM.  The slab leak should be recent for the insurance company to cover the loss.

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