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Do you have a leaky roof? Tiles broke? Shingles blown off?

In Florida, there are normally 2 causes to roof damage:

1. Wind Damage to Roof

2. Hail Damage Roof

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Roof Claims: Roof Repairs & Roof Replacement


When you have a leaking roof, the damages will also appear on your ceilings and walls by way of water stains? Then, you will have to worry about Mold developing.

Talking with an Expert Florida Public Adjuster should be one of the first things you do so they can help advise you how to handle your claim to protect your rights. We recommend that you call us before talking with the insurance company.

At The Claim Squad Public Adjusters, we help homeowners who have suffered water leaks from their roof. We handle claims across Florida. There is no charge for an insurance roofing claim consultation. We have been helping homeowners across Florida, get their roofs repaired or roof replaced, for over 15 years

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    Causes of Roof Leaks & Types of Damage to Shingles, Tiles

    There are a few causes of Roof leaks and Roof Damage to your shingles or tiles.  In Florida, normally, your roof is damaged from a Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Strong winds, hail storms, and Heavy Rains.

    If you have an asphalt shingle roof, look for some of these common damage indicators:

    • -Nail Up thru Shingle
    • -Creases
    • -Shingles Torn
    • -Uplifted Shingles or Sections of Shingles
    • -Adhesion deterioration
    • -Brittle Shingles

    For Concrete Tiles, you want to look for:

    • -Broken Tiles
    • -Uplifted Tiles
    • -Issues with the Underlayment
    • -Foam Adhesion has been compromised

    Why was my Roof Claim Denied?

    People are often surprised when they have hail damage to their roof or wind damage to the roof, that after making a claim, the insurance company denies their insurance roofing claim.

    Why did your roof claim get denied?  There could be many reasons:

    You said the wrong thing
    Insurance company hired an engineer who said there was no damage, it wasn’t due to hail or wind, the roof was old, wear & tear, etc   —  –Provided the wrong Date of Loss
    Made a claim on a date or period of time when there was no Windstorm like a Hurricane & Tropical Storm or no Hail Storm.

    Watch this video for more information on Denied Roof Claims.

    Why Choose The Claim Squad Public Adjusters?

    *Specialize in Roof Replacements, New Roofs, and Roof Leak Repairs

    *Previous Claim Adjuster for large insurance company

    *Attorneys hired me as an expert for Roof Damage claims

    *Worked in a Law Firm dealing with a variety of homeowners claims

    Should I hire a Public Adjuster?

    Here are some reasons why you should hire a Public Adjuster:

    1. They will file the claim for you, which helps minimize you saying the wrong thing that could hurt your claim
    1. The settlements a Public Adjuster negotiates will be much higher than what you can do on your own.  As a matter of fact, a statistical analysis notes that Public Adjusters get at least 700% greater settlements.

    Please take a moment to read this Forbes article, Click Here.

    1. A good public adjuster will be able to handle any issues that arise during the claim, will help prepare you for a recorded statement or defer it, will complete the proof of loss, and complete a damage estimate
    1. A good public adjuster will be able to creatively circumvent policy language or find errors in your policy that may help get you additional money for your claim. In the case of a denied claim, a good public adjuster can challenge the denial and possibly get the claim covered and settled.

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?


    But, for insurance to pay for a new roof or roof replacement, you need to have the damage caused by a covered peril.  The most common covered perils (loss) in Florida are:

    -Wind Damage to Roof

    -Hail Damage

    In addition, Florida has other measures which help Homeowners have insurance to pay for a roof replacement.  For example, Florida Building Code 611.1.1 states if you have over 25% damage to your roof, the insurance company has to pay for your roof to be replaced.

    Are Roof Leaks covered by Insurance?


    As stated above, insurance would cover damages caused by roof leaks from Storms, Hurricanes, and hail storms.  Everything written above applies to roof leaks as well.  The insurance company could be responsible to cover the cost of a new roof.  Make sure you hire a good roofing public adjuster to help you throughout this roof claim process.

    How to [Properly] File a Roof Claim with your insurance company?

    Before you contact your insurance company to file your roof damage claim, make sure you have all the important information at hand:

    1. Have the date when a Storm happened

    This Storm should be a Tropical Storm, Hurricane, Hail Storm, or Heavy Rain Storm that had some high winds.

    1. Make sure you NEVER say that “rain” was the only cause of your roof leaks.

    It should always be damage came from “WIND” or “HAIL”

    1. Depending on what state you live in, Google

    “Roof replacement insurance claim in (Your State)”

    Also, Google,

    “Roof replacement Building Code in (Your State)”

    There are several other helpful tips I give in this video below.   Please take the time to watch it.  You will learn a lot about roof claims, roof replacement, insurance roofing, and other relevant information on roof insurance claims.

    Watch this video “7 tips on how to properly file your roof claim”

    Understanding the Insurance Roofing Claim Process

    Essentially, this is the process for most water damage claims:

    1. Contact a Public Adjuster to help to file the claim. You can also file the claim yourself, but be careful what you say.


    1. Contact a roofer to give you an estimate and mark the spots with damage.  Have him take photos of the areas he marked.


    1. They might want to take a recorded statement from you, so be prepared. A good public adjuster might be able to prevent a statement or at least prepare you for the questions.


    1. The insurance company Adjuster comes out to inspect the damages. Often (90% of the time) it will be an “independent” adjuster, however, they do work for the insurance company, and they are NOT your friend.  I would prefer you are NOT there during the insurance company inspection.


    1. Depending on the insurance company and severity of the roof and interior damages caused by a leaking roof, your insurance company may have an “engineer” come to your home to also inspect everything. Now, you need to understand something.  If one of these people comes out to your home, YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED!!


    1. The insurance company, by Florida Statute, has 90 days to make a payment on your claim or deny it.  You should expect the insurance company to intentionally take almost the full 90 days, or sometimes even longer, to make a coverage decision on your claim.


    1. They will ask you for a repair estimate.


    1. You might be asked to fill out a Proof of Loss form

    Finally, your claim is either settled or you need to take different steps to get your claim settled.  If your claim is taking longer than 90 days, then the insurance company is not treating you fairly.

    What insurance companies have you settled Roof Insurance Claims with?

    Here are some companies that I have Roof Insurance Claim Settlements with:

    UPC, Universal, Chubb, Progressive(ASI), Homeowners Choice, FedNat, American Integrity, Security First, St. John’s, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Farmers, TypTap, Edison, Florida Peninsula, Florida Family, Heritage, Tower Hill, American Bankers, Olympus, Safepoint, Cypress Property, First Protective, Assurant, USAA, Nationwide (Scottsdale) and Kin.

    And many other carriers that write policies in Florida

    New Claims, Denied Claims