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recover lost income due to Corona Virus

The ONLY Public Adjuster in Florida to help businesses successfully recover lost income due to Corona Virus

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters helped businesses recover lost business income from business interruption due to the Corona virus.

THE STORY (Watch Video at Bottom of Page)

We received a call from a small business owner who felt helpless since they had been denied by their insurance company for business income lost from the shutdown due to the Corona virus.  She said they contact a few different Public Adjusters but they weren’t interested in their lost business income claim or couldn’t help her.  

 Normally, we do not handle lost business income claims since we specialize in just a few claims.  However, I asked some question and the business owner was genuine, nice person.  I felt like I could help her but made no promises.  I asked if she could meet and bring her policy.   She agreed.

When we met, I asked if I could take the policy to review then get back to her tomorrow.  

Here’s what happened:

The insurance denied her claim (along with the other businesses) for the following reason:

Denied due to policy language

We will pay for the actual loss of Business Income you sustain due to the necessary “suspension” of your “operations” during the “period of restoration”. The “suspension” must be caused by direct physical loss of or damage to property at premises which are described in the Declarations and for which a Business Income Limit Of Insurance is shown in the Declarations. The loss or damage must be caused by or result from a Covered Cause of Loss.”

 There are three key coverage triggers to consider, “suspension of…operations,” “direct physical loss or damage” and “covered cause of loss.”

We settled 5 of the 7 claims with the Insurance Company.  The other 2 claims we had our Attorneys File a lawsuit against the insurance company.


  1. We argued the “all risk” policy DOES NOT exclude losses from a virus or global pandemic
  2. Finally, we made the argument that the virus, according to the CDC, stays on the surface for approximately 30 days, leading to contamination, which is a direct physical loss, that needs environmental remediation to clean the property.

When the insurance company came back with a great offer, the business owner was so happy. We were also happy since she was such a nice person and felt helpless when she contacted us. It was also incredibly satisfying to help someone recover losses during these difficult times.
In addition, knowing all other public adjusters were incapable or didn’t want to handle this “difficult” claim made our success even more gratifying.

Why would you choose any other public adjuster for your property damage claim?

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