Tornado Claims

Tornado Damage Claims

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    Tornado Insurance Claims

    The intense destruction of tornado damage is devastating and immense. There is no advance warning leaving homes and businesses and communities destroyed.

    There is an average of 49 tornadoes a year in Florida and in 1997, they say a record breaking 115 that year. An F5 tornado is the deadliest and has winds ranging from 261-318 miles per hour. In 2007, over 50 tornadoes accumulated over $230 million dollars in property damage. Since 1968, there have been more than 30 tornadoes in Florida every single year.

    Much like Hurricane in Florida, the insurance companies try to take advantage of people in a few areas:

    1.  They will severely UNDERPAY your claim making a low-ball offer by:

    • Not paying the policy limits for what you insured your house under Dwelling Coverage A
    • Calculate an overly inflated depreciation amount on your property including your personal property

    Don’t settle for the insurance company’s failure to pay your Tornado Damage Claim for the full value it’s worth.  We can help!

    Tornado Damage Claims

    With tornadoes, you are facing extremely dire situations. Complete and utter destruction. Do you really want to take a chance with “any” public adjuster? We are the only Public Adjuster in Florida to handle entire communities destroyed by these deadly occurrences.

    • The insurance company will try to fight the amount they pay claiming the home or property was not worth a certain value and dispute what was destroyed as far as personal belongings.

      They will require receipts, proof of purchase, photos prior to the tornado, and anything else to show proof of loss. They will make it a point to dispute anything they can. We will approach this from a sensitive viewpoint treating people the way we would want to be treated.

      We will not let the insurance company bully our clients or treat them as though they are not important. We will make sure they understand the severity of the situation and bring light to a very dark and horrible situation.

      We will make sure to get weather reports, obtain video evidence available on social platforms and TV news stations then provide a detailed computer generated 3D animation of the tornado and damage that can be used to ensure the insurance company truly understands the impact this has had on your life.