Termite Damage Claim

Termite Damage Claim

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    Residents of Florida often face Termite Damage

    Many homes get tented, sprayed, and yearly service to keep Termites from destroying their home.

    When it comes to termite damage the #1 Question is:

     Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?


    In most homeowners insurance policies, they usually have language they will cover TERMITE DAMAGE when there is a COLLAPSE and the Homeowner had NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE TERMITES PRIOR TO THE LOSS.

    Now, this is important.

    If you had Termites 3 years ago but had treatment and there was no sign of termites until you had an unforeseen termite damage then you would be covered.

    If however, you have wood that is “chewed” up by the Termites with no other type of damage then NO COVERAGE would be afforded by your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

    Example #1: Let’s say the Termite Damage causes a fire in your house, would this be covered by your Homeowners Insurance policy? ABSOLUTELY!!

    Example #2 :  Your home has a ceiling or an entire floor collapse.  Would this be covered?  YES!!   If you didn’t have knowledge that termites existed AND the collapse was sudden and abrupt.

    Even if you had collapsed ceilings or other areas that caved in, but some other areas are badly damaged but haven’t collapsed WE CAN STILL FIND A WAY AROUND THE POLICY to get the damages covered including the areas that haven’t collapsed.

    Termite Damage can cause over $100,000+ in damage to many houses. Most Termite Damage Insurance claims that I have handled end up being a very large claim because the damage is extensive and we know how to get around the policy limitations on Termites.

    The insurance company will want to pay ONLY for the area that collapsed.

    Don’t let the insurance company get away with this, because I do know how to get around this.

    If you have a collapsed ceiling or floor, then you find out the wood that has supported the structure of the house has been damaged by the termites and needs to be replaced we can help get this covered.  You just can’t bring in these large wooden support beams through the front door.   The contractor would have to open the roof, therefore, now the insurance company has to pay for a new roof.

    There is more that the insurance company would be responsible for like new electrical wiring, walls, etc…

    Termite Damage on roof