Hotel Damage Insurance Claims

Hotel Damage Insurance Claims

Background Information

Florida has thousands of hotels and motels throughout the state due to its magnificent weather, beaches, and tropical living. It’s a premier destination for those living in colder weather climates.


Hotels face unique challenges when its property has been damaged. Their focus is NOT on the property damage itself but rather the safety of their guests. There will be unexpected costs associated with protective the safety of its guests. In 2018, there was over $200 million paid out in Florida for hotel and motel property damage claims.

Types of Property Damage Claims most common to Hotels & Motels

  • Hotel & Motel owners normally face the following types of property damages:

    • Business Interruption
    • Hurricanes & Tornadoes
    • Fire & Lightning
    • Theft
    • Smoke damage
    • Vandalism
    • Water Damage

    In Florida, the most common and expensive claims that hotels and motels deal are the threat of Fires & Hurricanes. The average cost of these claims are :

    Average hotel and motel claim caused by Fire = $300,000 ++

    Average hotel and motel claim caused by Hurricanes and Tornadoes = $72,000



Hotel Damage Insurance Claims

We specialize in only a few types of claims

  • Wind related storms like Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Water damage claims
  • Roof Leaks  (Helping people get a new roof)

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How will The Claim Squad Public Adjuster help in my Hotel and Motel property Damage claim?


There are many things we will need to uncover to find out exactly about the damage itself. Let’s go thru a checklist of items we will investigate on your behalf to help get your claim paid and repaired.

  • Review your all the insurance policies and coverages
  • Find out original cause of damage, where it came from, is there a responsible party?
  • Did your guests personal property get damaged?
  • Get any state investigational reports
  • Evaluate and Estimate the damage
  • Take all steps to help the hotel and motel get all the damages cleaned up
  • Make sure all documentation is accurate and complete

Why would you choose any other public adjuster to help in your Hotel and Motel property damage claim?

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