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Fire Damage Insurance Claims

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    Did you have a Fire Damage Property Insurance Claim? Do you know the cause of the Fire?

    We specialize in only a few types of claims. We happen to be experts in handling Fire claims. Our experience is second to none, as we have handled over 50 Fires to all types of buildings in the Southeast from Florida to North Carolina to Texas. We investigated and handled claims ranging from homes to large office buildings to condominiums.


    • Identify the location where fire started
    • Analyze and collect evidence to have a lab identify any possible chemicals which may have caused the fire or other sources of interest
    • Confirm the cause of fire with that of local fire department authorities or produce an evidence heavy report showing that the cause is different than what was first discovered by officials

    Let me also add that in many Fire Damage Insurance Claims the insurance company may actually ACCUSE YOU FOR STARTING THE FIRE.

    Don’t be alarmed if you get a letter from your Homeowners Insurance company stating:


    Sometimes the Homeowners Insurance claim process isn’t very fair or efficient.  My experience in Fire Damage Claims sets me apart from other Public Adjusters.

    Fire fighters in a cloud of smoke
    Fire Damage Insurance Claims

    Background on Fire Claims

    House fire at night

    Every year, there are over 3,000 fires in Florida and an estimated $500 million in property damage for these events. Out of that $500 million, $25 million can be contributed to arson on a yearly basis.

    Counties ranked in the top 6 in fires for the State of Florida are Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Miami Dade County is #1 for fires and Broward County and Orange County are tied for #2.

    South Florida is ranked the #1 area for fires in the entire state.

    Fires in residential properties is #1 for property type with approximately $250 million on a yearly basis in property loss and damage. Electrical equipment is the #1 cause for fires, followed by “unknown” cause, and explosions are the #3 cause of fires.

    When there is a fire, total destruction of a property can occur leaving nothing but dust and ash. Smaller fires could damage a portion of the house but could cause residual damage to the rest of the house caused by smoke or ash from fire damaging personal belongings. Damaged personal belongings are usually unsalvageable and unrecognizable or no longer usable.

    Other damages include expenses due to living elsewhere, loss of work while dealing with ramifications from the fire, personal memorabilia and belongings destroyed, having to buy new clothes, new furniture, fix and/or remodel the house or business, and food expenses.

    Church Fire