Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes

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    Cast iron pipes can last 100 years! But, in the South Florida, many of these pipes have failed in as little as 25 years. Experts blame the regions humidity and salt-rich soil for speeding up pipe corrosion.

    Why do insurance companies deny cast iron pipe insurance claims?

    These are some of the common reasons:

    • Policy has special exclusion or endorsement that reads ” no coverage for cast iron pipe claims”
    • Policy has special endorsement that limits cast iron pipe damage claims to $10,000 or less
    • Adjuster will cite language like “wear and tear”
    • Caused by constant or repeated seepage or leakage of water

    Essentially, since 2016 insurance companies have created ways not to cover cast iron pipe claims. We usually recommend that the homeowner do a few things:

    Contact a plumber to video the line

    A temporary repair should be done so that the situation doesn’t get worse

    Call a water mitigation company to have any water damage taken care of so mold doesn’t develop or damages get worse

    Make sure you notify the insurance company–Simply tell them you have a cast iron pipe damage claim you need to make and what the damages are so far

    However, before contacting the insurance company I would highly recommend to contact a public adjuster so that you can talk about the claim and what rights you have under the homeowners insurance policy.

    Finally, make sure you document all the damages by video and pictures. Take notes of any personal property damaged, what the plumber told you, and the conversation with any representative from the insurance company.

    flooding home
    pipe spewing water

    When dealing with a cast iron pipe damage claim, it is a MUST to hire a public adjuster.

    Insurance companies are denying cast iron pipe claims.  Some policies say only $10,000.00 maximum for pipe damage, when that is nowhere near what the damage will usually cost.

    The average pipe damage claim recovery is over $30,000 with a good public adjuster and the average without a public adjuster is less than $3,000.  So make sure to get a really good public adjuster!