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Insurance Water Damage Claim

The most important aspect of your claim for water damage is understanding what is covered.

Sudden & Accidental is the backbone of a covered loss

Examples:  Hose or Valve under your kitchen sink cracks caused a water leak, Pipe Breaks behind a wall unexpectedly, etc…

Long Term Leaks or Leaks that you didn’t know you had ARE NOT COVERED

However, we can still help you if you do have a long-term leak

Over 90% of all claims for water damage are either Underpaid or Denied.

What are the most important parts of an Insurance Claim for Water Damage?

  1. Do you have the right date of loss?


  1. Was the water damage caused by a long-term leak or something that suddenly happened?


Here’s a video on just how important the date of loss is to your claim

Filing your water damage insurance claim

Before you contact your insurance company, you should do these two things:

  1. Contact a plumber
  2. Contact a water mitigation company if you have any type of water damage

 Note: Never use the insurance company’s preferred water mitigation company.

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