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Hurricane Sally Damage Claim

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Things are going to hectic for you if you live in Pensacola due to Hurricane Sally.

Take steps to provide safety and get your property repaired.

Here is what you should do first:

  1.   Make sure everybody in safe and your property is safe to walk around to inspect the damages
  2. Make a list of everything you see damaged for the insurance company
  3. Find your insurance policy
  4. Call your agent to file a claim or the insurance company direct
  5.  If you are finding the insurance company isn’t acting fast enough let us help you

If you need to discuss your policy, have questions on what to do, or just need a little guidance give me a call.

My name is Mike Keeler, I am licensed Public Adjuster in the State of Florida.

Hurricane Sally Damage Claim

Right now, I have been hired by several residents of Pensacola to help them with all types of different types of property damage, people who suffered damages to their:



-small hotels and motels



Here is how you can get in touch with me.  I know right now there are issues with cell phone communications and internet downloading so keep trying to reach me by either phone or email.

Mike Keeler

Toll Free:  866-496-8725


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