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  1. Take care of your family first. If the property is in dangerous conditions due to a hurricane, fire, roofing, pipe breakage, mold, etc… make sure everyone is safe
  2. Prevent further loss also known as mitigating your damages
  3. Document ALL personal items damaged from TVs, computers, furniture, clothes, and so forth.
  4. Take photos if you can—but again make sure the property is safe to do so.
  5. Locate your policy.
  6. Contact your insurance company to file a claim or we can do this on your behalf.
  7. We will set an appointment to meet with you ASAP to help with your claim.  We will then guide you the rest of the way and continue to be in communication about the repairs, claim process, and future inspections from your insurance company.
  8. We will get a restoration company over to your property preferably within 24-48 hrs. We have partnerships with many restoration companies throughout the state that can help with any water, fire, mold damage. Let us take care of this for you. We also have partnerships with Roofers, Plumbers, General Contractors, etc.
  9. Take note to all areas of damage, inspect exterior of house, all windows & doors.

Don’t take it personally, they do this to everyone.  They seek to wear you down and hope they can keep the payment “delayed” long enough that you eventually accept their low-ball offer or just walk away.  

We only charge a fee for anything we recover on your behalf.   Fees are mandated by the State of Florida.  Hurricane claims are set by the State at 10%, while all other claims are 20%.

Absolutely not.  We partner with law firms that ONLY HANDLE PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIMS.   The insurance company will pay the attorneys fees once the case is settled so you don’t have to worry about anything.   

Recently, the insurance companies lobbied politicians in Florida and got law passed which limits services for emergency work when property damages occur to only $3,000 per event. Now, there is some good news—If the damage is such that it exceeds the $3,000 limit we can contact your insurance company on your behalf to have them extend those limits based on the damage to your property.

Don’t worry The Claim Squad will help you throughout this process.   

Every case is different.   However, we want to be very transparent here, most cases do end up in a lawsuit against your insurance company.  Why?   In most cases, we could never in our good conscious recommend taking their low ball offers. YOU do have the final say in any settlement and the offers made. We and/or our team of attorneys will give you advice on when to settle or NOT but the final word is ALWAYS yours to decide.    Don’t let another Public Adjuster tell you differently on the above. If a Public Adjuster is pressuring you to take an offer, be very wary, do they need the money more than you do?

Florida Law requires insurance company to notify their insured within 90 days their position to pay or deny the claim. You will know within 90 days if they are serious to help you or simply take advantage of you.

627.70131. Insurer’s duty to acknowledge communications regarding claims; investigation. –

(5)(a) Within 90 days after an insurer receives notice of an initial, reopened, or supplemental property insurance claim from a policyholder, the insurer shall pay or deny such claim or a portion of the claim unless the failure to pay is caused by factors beyond the control of the insurer which reasonably prevent such paymen

We have seen time and time again, on claims with damage more than $100,000+, insurance companies make a payment of less than $10,000 within 90 days then say THAT’S ALL WE ARE PAYING. We then go back to the table providing arguments to put them in a corner. If that fails, we will have no other option but to get your authorization to have our attorney’s file a lawsuit on your behalf.

The insurance companies are not dumb. These cases NEVER go to trial. A jury would absolutely punish the insurance companies by way of trial. 

We do have legal knowledge of the process once a lawsuit has been filed so we can answer some questions but can’t give legal advice. However, our attorneys can give the legal advice if need be.

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