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Fees & Discounts

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Public Adjuster Fees

Our fees range from 10% to 20% as governed by the State of Florida.  Fees are taken AFTER we recover money for your claim.

Public adjusters are prohibited from charging more than 20 percent of the insurance claim payment on claims not based on a declared emergency and 10 percent of the insurance claim payment on claims based upon a declared emergency (like Hurricanes) for claims made during the first year after the declaration of the emergency. These fee caps apply only to residential property insurance policies and condominium unit owner policies as defined in s. 718.111(11), Florida Statute [See s. 626.854(18), F.S.]

In short, Hurricane claims are 10% Fees (after a recovery is made) along with any other property damage claims where the State of Florida declares an emergency.  Sometimes Flooding and Tornadoes will be declared an emergency, if so, these claims would also be 10% fees AFTER a recovery is made.

Attorney’s charge a 40% fee….That’s ridiculous



Unlike other Public Adjusters, The Claim Squad Public Adjusters offer discounts on our fees.

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