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    Water Damage Claim Denied

    water damage from flooding in home staircase

    Water damage insurance claims are the #1 type of property damage claims in Florida. 

    Florida is the #1 state for water damage insurance claims

    Do you think insurance companies will let these claims take their profits from their greedy hands without a fight?  Of course not!!

    What have insurance companies done to fight water damage claims?

    Citizens insurance and other companies have now implemented a $10,000 limit on water damage claims if your home, condo, or townhome.

    Depending on the claim they have a full laundry list of “ready to go” denial language, let’s take a look at some common water damage insurance claims :

    • the leak was long term and gradual
    • the pipe, hose, or water line had basic wear and tear
    • Leak longer than 14 days old
    • Claim not reported in timely basis
    • Mold was seen at the site of water damage, indicated slow leak

    I can continue with about 10 more standard “ready to go” denied water damage insurance claims language.

    Let me give you 2 words that will penetrate the ears of the insurance company like a supersonic military jet


    With any water damage claim, these two words are immensely powerful.  Why?

    Because these words mean they must pay for the claim.  Yes, they must PAY you the money!!

    Yes, insurance companies are making water damage insurance claims difficult to deal with but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    Things you should do to protect your rights before you have a Water Damage Claim:

    1. Stay away from Citizens Insurance
    2. Ask your agent if there are ANY water damage limits, if they say no get it in writing
    3. When you get a new policy or renew your current policy please read the first few pages on your declaration pages to see if you can identify any possible adverse language towards water damage. If you’re not sure, let me take a look.

    You want to make sure you don’t see these policy phrases on your homeowners insurance policy:

    “Water Damage Limit $10,000”


    “Water Damage Exclusion”


    Water damage insurance claims can cause a lot of damage to your property.  Once you have water damage now you must worry about mold damage.   Want to know what you’re covered for?   Let me look at your policy and advise you what to do.

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