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    Roof Insurance Claim Denied

    Storm damage to a roof after a tree fell on it

    Roof Claims have the most denials out of all property damage claims in Florida.  Why?

    Simple, the insurance company knows that the roofs in Florida are susceptible to weather conditions that really cause havoc on them.

    • Sun
    • Heat
    • Rain
    • Wind
    • Moisture

    As such, they believe if you don’t claim damage the day after a wind-related event then you must be trying to file a claim not related to a Hurricane, Tropical Storm, or Tornado.

    However, that’s not the case.

    Let me give you an analogy:

    You’re doing your normal Saturday morning run, you run on a grassy section, turn your ankle and your knee gives away causing sharp pain.  You could run on it but decide not to risk it so walk back home.

    The next few weeks, while painful, things get a little better.  A few more weeks, the pain comes and goes so you decide to go to a doctor who recommends an MRI.  The MRI shows a torn ACL in your knee.

    But wait, should the insurance not cover the surgery since it wasn’t officially diagnosed 8 weeks later?

    This is the same situation as roof damage claims.

    Just because you don’t notice any damage immediately doesn’t mean your roof hasn’t suffered damage or weakened the integrity of the roof.

    Typical Insurance Reasons why your roof claim may have been denied:

    • Wear and tear

    The insurance company will say its normal wear and tear due to Florida weather conditions


    • Age

    They will say your roof is old, we don’t cover old roofs


    • They hired an engineer or “expert” roof consultant.

    Insurance companies love hiring so-called “experts” to tell YOU why your roof claim is denied.  What’s funny, I’ve never met a roof expert hired by the insurance company that actually replaced or repaired a roof themselves.   That’s like letting a surgeon operate on your when they’ve never performed a surgery


    • No opening in the roof

    The insurance company basically wants to see a hole the size of a meteor on your roof in order to cover the loss.  At that point, I’m sure they will come up with another excuse to deny your roof insurance claim.


    • No damage caused by high winds such as Hurricane, Tropical Storm or Tornado

    In the insurance company’s eyes, unless your roof is torn off and found in Canada, there is no way any damage to your roof could have been caused by high winds.  Of course, this is completely ridiculous which is the reason every single roof claim gets settled.


    You might have questions about your roof claim so feel free to give me a call or fill out the contact form.

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