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    Fire Insurance Claim Denied

    House Windows with flames

    Fire Claims are often denied for reasons you probably wouldn’t expect

    Because the fire started by electrical means?  NO

    Because the breaker panels improperly installed?  NO

    The #1 Reasons Fire Damage and Fire Damage Insurance claims are denied is because the insurance company blames YOU for the fire.

    Yes, you read that correctly often Fire Claims are denied because the insurance company will blame YOU for the fire.

    Fire Damage Claims can be complex claims.

     Florida leads the nation in Fire Damage Insurance Claims.

    Let’s take a look at some other statistics

    • Over 200 Fires a year is caused by Lightning
    • Florida is the Lightning Capital of the U.S.
    • Cooking Fires are the #1 cause of Homeowners Fires
    • Over 50,000 Buildings a year suffer a fire due to Defective Wiring.

    It’s very important to utilize Florida’s Valued Policy Law Florida Statute 627.702

     “When any building or structure sustains a total loss as a result of covered peril or a partial loss as a result of FIRE, the liability for said loss shall be the amount of money for which the property was insured”

    The insurance company may have denied your Fire Damage Claim for many reasons, most are invalid reasons or lack evidence to uphold the denial.

    Let’s take a look at a few denials from the insurance company:

    • YOU
    • Errors on a from
    • Misrepresenting your statement or others in the family


    If you have a Denied Fire Claim here are a few steps we will take to ensure we can get the damages paid and the claim covered:

    1.  I will speak with the local Fire Department.
    2.  If they sent a report to the State of Florida Fire Marshall I would request that report
    3.  Depending on the findings in the report, it might be necessary to hire a Fire Damage Expert
    4.  Try to pinpoint the exact location of where the fire started and compare our findings with the findings in the local fire department’s report
    5.  Once we have concrete answers and it appears this is 100% a covered loss that the insurance company should be paying, we will then approach the insurance company with all the necessary documents and evidence to show their findings were WRONG.

    There are more steps involved, depending on the nature and extent of the fire damage claim, but this gives you an idea of how we would proceed.

    If you need help with your Fire Damage Insurance Claim give us a call at the Claim Squad Public Adjusters.   Ask for Mike 754-252-5438

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