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    Cast Iron Pipe Claim Denied

    Cast Iron Pipes

    Cast Iron Pipe Insurance Claims Denials

    WHY do Insurance companies deny cast iron pipe claims?

    Cast iron pipes were thought to last at least 75 years or longer in general applications.  In other states, they do last a long time.  However, the salt content of the soil causes the pipes to corrode and deteriorate much sooner than expected.  The life expectancy of cast iron pipes in Florida ranges from 30 – 60 years.

    Usually, insurance company policies will have some less than desirable language and also make several arguments to deny these claims like:

    1. They will repair only that specific section where the pipe was cracked
    1. Some policies provide NO coverage for cast iron pipe claims and will have it excluded on the policy
    1. Other policies MAY limit cast iron pipe claims to only $10,000
    1. Often their arguments are the pipes are old, wear and tear, etc….
    1. The insurance company may also hire their own plumber who will come to your home video the pipes, running water, and do other tests to see whether there are any issues with the pipes.


    I’m always fully prepared for their arguments and have a plethora of counter-arguments to support the claim, get coverage, and get you money like:

    1. There are possibly more than 1 crack in the cast iron pipes
    1. Doing a temporary repair by connecting a PVC pipe segment to a cast-iron pipe segment won’t last long and doesn’t adhere to building code regulations
    1. The insurance company wants to only pay what has been damaged NOT the whole system which is like putting a finger in the dam.


    The only way I can’t help you with your cast iron pipe claim is if:

    • Your policy excludes cast iron pipe damage claims
    • Your policy limits the amount they pay for a cast iron pipe claim (ex. $10,000 Water Damage Limit or Water Damage Exclusion)


    If these two conditions DO NOT exist, then I definitely can help you with any pipe damage claim you may have.

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