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    Home Insurance Denied Claims

    Did your Homeowners Insurance Claim get Denied?

    Denied Insurance Claims are common in the property damage world

    Here are some of the most common denied home insurance claims

    Reasons why your Home Insurance claim got Denied

    • The insurance company sometimes denies your claim based on nothing to do with your claim. For example, they may deny your claim if it’s later in the year and they paid a lot of claims in the early part of the year.
    • Sometimes the insurance claims adjuster will interpret the policy in way to make you believe that the policy DOES NOT cover the loss when in fact this is false.
    • Other times, they will deny a claim based on late reporting of the claim
    • They will even deny your insurance claim because of what you said to them

    How to fight a Denied Home Claim ?

    There are many things you can do but most important you have to FIGHT the insurance company. You just can’t walk away from a home insurance claim that was denied because the insurance company told you. Once you decide to fight the claim, call a good public insurance adjuster. If you hire a good public adjuster, they will come forth with a plan on how to make an argument to help get your claim paid.

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