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Homeowners Insurance Crisis in Florida

Homeowners Insurance Crisis in Florida. Is it Real or Manufactured?

    We are going to examine the Homeowners Insurance Crisis in Florida.  Is it a real crisis or has it been manufactured by the insurance companies in order to boost their profits and minim...

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Water Damage from Upstairs Neighbor

Water Damage from Upstairs Neighbor (Condominium)

    You walk into your condo to see water damage coming from your ceiling.  You are facing water damage from Upstairs Neighbor. Who is responsible? Do I file a claim with my insurance? Do I...

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When to File a Water Damage claim

When to File a Water Damage Claim

When should you file a Water Damage Claim? Water Damage is the #1 type of claim in Florida. Almost every type of claim involves some form of water damage from Roof Leaks, Broken Pipes, Hurricanes, Fir...

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