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Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

Did your Homeowners Insurance Claim get Denied? Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims are common in the property damage world. Here are some of the most common denied home insurance claims: 1. Roof Damage Claim Denied Often Roof Damage claims are denied because people will say that they have roof leak due

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WARNING!! Citizens Insurance is LIMITING Water Damage Claims

Do you have a Citizens Insurance Policy? Thinking about getting a Citizens policy because they are cheaper? Think twice about Citizens. They are taking advantage of property owners who have property damage claims. If you have a water damage claim, cast iron pipe claim, or roof damage, be prepared to

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Why Insurance Companies are DENYING roof damage insurance claims

Why Insurance Companies are DENYING roof damage insurance claims like never before Insurance companies are taking a very aggressive stance in DENYING roof damage insurance claims in 2020.  Why? You have to know the history of the way insurance companies operate in Florida. Twenty years ago they started with Water

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2 Real World Property Damage Claims

Case #1 Hurricane Claim Our client had a Hurricane Irma Claim, the insurance company stated they paid all they were going to pay on the claim and the insured “failed to comply with post-loss contractual obligations of the policy” However, we found a “loophole” and got our client a great

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Do you feel sorry for your insurance company?

֍You can REOPEN your claim even if you received money ֍You can REOPEN your claim if you think it is “settled” and “closed” ֍You can REOPEN your claim if your damages are more than what the insurance company paid you ֍You can REOPEN your claim if you must pay money

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Hurricane Sally Damage Claim

Things are going to hectic for you if you live in Pensacola due to Hurricane Sally. Take steps to provide safety and get your property repaired. Here is what you should do first:   Make sure everybody in safe and your property is safe to walk around to inspect the

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WATER DAMAGE What you need to know

Water damage occurs in almost every type of property damage claim.  Let’s take a look at some claims where you inevitably have water damage: -Tropical Storms -Hurricanes -Tornadoes -Cast Iron Pipe Damage -Roof Leaks -Lightning Claims -Fires -Accidental Discharge or Overflow of water (ex.  washer machine line breaks) Let’s look

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Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Public Adjuster

A public adjuster works for the property owner (policy holder) so that he can settle the property damage claim on their behalf. Hiring a public adjuster can be beneficial for you to resolve your claim for many reasons which we will get into. If you are unfamiliar with what a

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Think twice before hiring an Attorney—They charge 40% Fees

Did you know if you hire an attorney, they will charge you outrageous fees of 40% of your total settlement?     Also, a national survey conducted in 2016 found law firms spend their time concentrating on the following practice areas: Corporate Law Family Law Criminal Law Tax Law Bankruptcy law

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