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Lightning and Florida Storms

Weston is populated with beautiful parks throughout the city, approximate 13 in total.  Often, you can find remnants of branches, bark, and large portions of a tree downed by the strike of Lightning in these parks.  What would happen if Lightning struck your house?   Do you know a Weston Public Adjuster who can help with the damages of your property should your insurance company refuse to pay you the true value of your claim?

If you do sustain Lightning damage from a Florida Storm, you want to call a good public adjuster in Weston.  The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in Lightning and Florida storm claims.  We get calls for Lightning claims throughout the State of Florida because we are experts in Lightning damage.

Living in South Florida, Lightning is one of many possible causes of damage to your property, here are a few others:

  • Water Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
  • Cast Iron Pipe Breaks
  • Fire
  • Roof & AC Leaks

If you Home, Condominium, Commercial Property has been damaged contact us right away to help with your claim.  But don’t just hire any public adjuster.  This is an important because NOT EVERY PUBLIC ADJUSTER HAS THE SAME EXPERIENCE AND BACKGROUND.

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters provides exceptional customer service to each client:

-Your call will be returned the same business day, usually with a few hours

-We will inspect your property within 5 business days if this fits your schedule

Our customer service is the reason why when you’re looking for a public adjuster, look for a company that cares about its customers.   We will represent you against your insurance company for any property damage claim.  Give us call now.

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