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Hiring a public adjuster in West Palm Beach helps a property owner (insured) who has had a loss in their property as a result of some incident.  They are specifically licensed by the State of Florida Financial & Insurance Department to represent you, the insured.  Their main responsibility is to protect you and your interests in claims against a loss with the Insurance Company.  The Claim Squad Public Adjusters can help you if you have a property damage claim.

If you have a loss to your property from Fire or Lightning in West Palm Beach, then you’ll need a public adjuster. Over the years, many property owners have learned that trying to fight the insurance company on their own could risk having their claim denied or most times, underpaid. This is because proper documenting of the damages to your home, condominium, apartment building, restaurant etc. is very important to ensure that nothing is missing from your claim.

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters senior public adjuster, Mike Keeler, has worked for an insurance company, large law firm, and attorneys hired him as an expert witness.  He knows how insurance companies work from the inside.  In addition, while working for a large law firm allowed him to study the ways attorneys strategically and legally get settlements for clients who had property damage claims.  NO OTHER public adjuster in the State of Florida has worked for both an insurance company and a law firm.  It’s this experience that gives YOU the edge when you have to go head to head with the insurance company.


Whether it’s a Fire or Lightning claim, Strong winds, Rain, Water or Mold Damage, even a broken pipe, we can help you in the frustrating claim process against the insurance company.

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters handles claims much differently than the ordinary public adjuster.  Let’s look at a Fire or Lightning claim.

1st  we would get a 3D image of your house before and after the property damage

2nd if damage was caused by Lightning, we get all local weather data for your area

3rd if damage was caused by fire, we have our experts pinpoint the cause and work with your local fire department for their report of the investigation

4th we get other critical data points and details that other public adjusters just don’t think of

5th we go thru your policy with a fine-tooth comb anticipating your insurance company to try to state claim to some exclusion or reasons why they are making a low-ball offer

6th we provide a full colored glossy brochure with our demand for settlement, stating the facts of the case backed up by solid information, legal research, and policy language

We stop every attempt of your insurance trying to make excuses why they shouldn’t pay you every dollar you deserve.

When you need a best public adjuster in West Palm Beach, because you suffered property damage,  don’t just call anybody, contact The Claim Squad Public Adjusters.


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