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Stuart is located along Florida’s renowned Treasure Coast.  The downtown area can only be described as “friendly” and “inviting”.   The city is known as “The Sailfish Capital of the World.”  With all its beauty and inviting nature of the city, hazards still lay within houses, commercial buildings, and condominiums.  There have been quite a few properties that have suffered extensive damage due to cast iron pipe breaks.  How does your insurance company handle damage to your property caused by Cast Iron Pipe Damage? Do you know of a pubic adjuster in Stuart that could help with your claim for property damage?

A few years ago, insurance companies started receiving claims of property damage arising from cast iron pipes.  Then, law firms started advertising about pipe damage claims to entice more claims to be filed.  What transpired next?  Insurance companies went on the offensive, as a result they did two things:

  • Stated specifically in their policy that any damage from Pipe Damage is excluded from coverage
  • Limited coverage from Pipe Damage to $10,000

Now, we won’t know if you’re affected by these changes until we look over your policy.  There is hope, some insurance companies haven’t implemented any changes in their policy so your pipe damage claim and the damage caused might still be covered fully.

Filing an insurance claim requires proper inspection and documentation to deal with the insurance company. In case your property is damaged call the best public adjusters in Stuart to help you in your fight against your insurance company, call The Claim Squad Public Adjusters.

In case of a faulty cast iron pipe, that caused damage to your property, you need someone who can do a quality inspection of the damage. We work for YOU, the policyholders and they are in your best interest.

We specializes in only a few claims:

-Wind Damage caused by Hurricanes and bad storms

-Water Damage of any kind that’s caused by leaks, Storms, a damaged roof, etc….

-Hail                -Fire                 -Lightning    -Cast Iron Pipe Damage       -Roof Damage

If your property is damaged, give us a call today so we can help guide you thru this process.   .

Let’s get started today!

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