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St. Petersburg is called “The Sunshine City” as it averages around 361 days of sunshine a year.  Many areas of the city have tropical micro-climates which is why you will see Royal Palms and Coconut Palms throughout the city.  This tropical climate also tends to bring on more Tropical Storms than other areas of Florida.  If a Hurricane or Tropical storm would strike St. Petersburg todaywould you call just any public adjuster in St. Petersburg if you needed help with your claim?

Storms and Wind damage in Florida can cause havoc on your property especially your roof.  Throughout the years, Florida roofs take a beating from the sun, humidity, winds, heavy rainfall, salt, and sometimes hail.  Normally, people don’t realize their roofs are failing on them.  What’s usually the first sign?  Usually its when you find a leak that shows in the ceiling.  Hopefully, that’s the all there is.  Unfortunately, many property owners face much more damage when water leaks into their home or building.

Where do you turn to to help with your property damage insurance claim? Do you just try to settle it by yourself?  This seems to be the popular consensus, but its probably not the right way to approach your claim.  Why?  Because in almost all situations, you will have to pay quite a bit of money out of pocket.  The insurance company will probably not give you all the money needed to fix your damaged property.  As a matter of fact, I worked for an insurance company and audited files.  I can tell you I audited hundred of claims.  What did I discover?  I can’t tell you ONE SINGLE CASE where the insurance company paid the property owner the full amount owed to repair the property.  (NOTE:  These were cases where the person did not get a public adjuster or lawyer).   I was shocked to learn people were willing to pay thousands of dollars out of their pocket to cover the damages and thought the insurance company was being fair with them.

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