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Sarasota has a population of approximately 60,000 residents.  Over the years, Sarasota has been plagued with natural events that are much higher than other areas of Florida.  For example, since 1950 to 2010, there have been 4,500 extreme weather events, here is the breakdown:

-Thunderstorm Winds, 1,974              -Hurricanes, 8             -Tropical Storms, 9

-Flooding, 448                                    -Hail, 1,166                 -Wildfires, 51

What if one of these events cause damage to your property?  Are you prepared to deal with your insurance company and their low-ball offer or denial of your claim?

Do you know of any Sarasota Public Adjusters who specialize in these claims?

*Hurricanes    *Tropical Storms        *Hail               *Fires              *Flooding & Water Damage

What if I told you The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in these claims? We prefer to be specialist and experts in a few types of claims then to simply handle all claims.

If you have sustained property damage, we  have a 4-step process to handle your claim:

  • We make initial contact with you to discuss your claim
  • We review your policy
  • We schedule a time to meet to build your case, take photos, and write an estimate of damages
  • We then approach your insurance company making a Demand for Settlement

Don’t just contact any public adjuster in Sarasotacontact us to help with your property damage claim.   We are true experts in handling just a few types of claims like damage from wind, water, lightning, fire, pipe breaks, and hail.  We can handle all claims, but these specific claims we have special handling requirements and procedures to produce the highest settlements for you.

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