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Riviera Beach is the easternmost city in South Florida.  The city is home to a Coast Guard station and The Blue Heron Bridge, a top-rated beach dive site.  With Riviera Beach being so far east, the possibility of severe winds and rain is always a concern. Imagine the amount of damage a Tropical Storm or Hurricane can do to homes, condominiums, and commercial buildings in Riviera Beach.   What if you suffered damage to your property from strong winds?  Would you call just any public adjuster in Riviera Beach?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in wind damage.  Our lead public adjuster, Mike Keeler, has covered hundreds of property damage claims involving Tornados, Hurricanes, and Hail damage caused by Mother Nature.  Don’t fight your insurance company alone, doing so will end up in an underpaid or denied claim.  In addition, frustration with your insurance company will settle in quickly.  It happens!  It is frustrating to deal with your insurance company, no doubt about it.  We can help!!


Most public adjusters, if you had a property damage claim resulting from strong winds like a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, would do the very basics like take photos, write the estimate, and that’s about it.  We take an entirely different approach.   With the years of experience dealing property damage claims, we have learned that sometimes the insurance company will challenge the strength of the winds on the day the loss occurred.  How do we handle this?  Simple, we will get all possible weather reports in and around your neighborhood.  We also get special infrared maps showing extreme high winds at various intervals.  We literally pin the insurance company in a corner and they don’t like it.

If you have any type of property damage and need a public adjuster who will get you every dollar you deserve then give us a call.  We will be happy to help you.

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