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Your 5-Star Rated Public Adjuster in Naples and Surrounding Areas

Claims I handle in the Naples area

A Lot of Cast Iron Pipe Claims

About 1/3 of the claims I handle in Naples are cast iron pipe claims.

Plumbing Issues that led to Water Damage are also very common for me

Whether its a slab leak or pipe break, when water damage happens after a plumbing issue, people have no other choice to make a claim.  However, there are several crucial elements when filing a Water Claim.

The 3rd Most Type of Claim I have over in Naples area are Roof Claims

Other Claims I handle over in Naples to a lesser degree because they are infrequent:

-Home Fires

-Tornado Damage

-Hurricanes & Storm Damage

-Termite Damage

My name is Mike Keeler, I am a licensed Public Adjuster in Naples, if you need help with a claim please give me a call.

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