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Many homeowners and business owners don’t realize the amount of work involved in filing insurance claims. We’ve seen repeatedly scenarios when insurance company adjusters protect the interest of the insurance company, an action that may lead to a denial of a claim or low-ball offer for the Insurer.  If you don’t want your insurance company to pull that stunt, then hiring a public adjuster in Port St. Lucie is the best option.

But what public adjuster should you call?  Are any of them “good”? The right Public Adjuster works with you to save your time so that you can spend it with your family and friends. They know the best approach to take that will get you what you are owed without monopolizing your time.

Contact The Claim Squad Public Adjusters because:

-We have been trained to understand a wide range of insurance policies

-Years of experience handling all types of property damage claims

-We are very detailed in making sure every single item damaged gets compensated for

We do things differently which makes us more effective than any other public adjuster.  For example, when your property sustains water damage from heavy rain, storms, leaks from pipes or your roof, we do the following:

-Get 3D maps of your property

-Request detailed reports from restoration companies

-Request mold testing company to visit your home for their analysis

-If caused by rain, we get weather data on precipitation in your area

All this information is then packaged nicely and submitted to the insurance company to prove our case.  We also demand a maximum settlement based on the estimated damages.  We essentially put the insurance company in a no-win situation.  But you won’t get this type of attention to detail with any public adjuster, only The Claim Squad Public Adjusters utilize this type of claim handling skills.

When you suffer property damage to your property remember to give us a call.


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