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Pompano Beach has been hit hard over the years by a few powerful storms like Hurricanes Wilma & Irma.  After the damage of Hurricane Irma, we inspected damaged condominiums on A1A between Atlantic Blvd & 14th St.  We saw cars flipped, restaurant signs bent, and condo windows literally blown out as if a missile struck the building.  If another Hurricane would hit Pompano Beach todaywould you call just any public adjuster in Pompano Beach if you needed help with your claim?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in wind damage like Hurricanes & Tropical Storms.  Our lead public adjuster, Mike Keeler, has covered hundreds of property damage claims involving Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Hail damage caused by Mother Nature.  Don’t fight your insurance company alone, doing so will end up in an underpaid or denied claim.


Most public adjusters, if you had a property damage claim resulting from strong winds like a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, would visit your property take pictures and write an estimate for damages, the typical routine.

We do things differently which is why we were rated the #4 Public Adjuster in the entire country.   We know the insurance company may challenge the strength of winds on the day the damage occurred.  In response, we will gather local weather reports to show the strength of winds in your area.  Also, we do a computer generated illustration of winds and rain over your house and the resulting damaged caused by these conditions.   There are a few other things that we do that other public adjusters just don’t do which is why OUR clients get much more money.

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