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Plantation is the home to High School football powerhouse St. Thomas where so many pro and college football players derived from.   The city’s name comes from the previous part-owner of the land, the Everglades Plantation Company.  Plantation located west of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida, still faces tremendous risks from storms throughout the year.

These storms include hurricanes, heavy rainfalls, and tropical storms. Your home can get damaged due to these disasters. You may be living in a home, condominium or own commercial property but protection against hurricanes and rainfalls seems to be an easy task, but it is much more complicated. Filing an insurance claim requires proper inspection and documentation to deal with the insurance company. In case your property is damaged in Plantation, call a Public Adjuster in Plantation to help you in your fight against your insurance company, call The Claim Squad Public Adjusters.

Sometimes, roof leaks occur due to continuous exposure to events such as rainfalls. Whether you’re living in a home or condominium, you need to be aware of possible property damage after severe weather strikes. If your property gets damaged, make sure to hire a well respected public adjuster.  In case of roof leaks, you need someone who can do a quality inspection of the damage.  Public Adjusters work for the policyholders and property owners ONLY, not the insurance company.  We work to get you maximum settlement for your claim.

The first step would be to file your insurance claim with the letter of representation so that the insurance company will know The Claim Squad Public Adjusters are representing you.  Next, we inspect the damages, estimate the loss, and compile proper documentation required to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Let us help get you a settlement for your property damage claim.  Call us today!

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