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Palm Beach Gardens Public Adjuster


Palm Beach Gardens before becoming incorporated in 1959, was primarily cattle ranches, pine forests, and swampland to the west.   Back in 2004 & 2005, three Hurricanes struck Palm Beach Gardens causing a good amount of damage.

If a Hurricane or Tropical Storm were to strike today, do you have a public adjuster in Palm Beach Gardens that would be able to fight your insurance company for every dollar you deserve?  


The Claim Squad Public adjusters are the best public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens because we have the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to fight your insurance company for every single dollar you deserve.

Many public adjuster will handle all claims, but DO NOT specialize in any type of claims.

The Claim Squad Public adjusters are experts in property damage claims arising from:

-Wind Damage like Hurricanes or Tropical Storms

-Water Damage from causes like Roof Leaks and AC Leaks

-Fire & Lightning

-Cast Iron Pipes

-Roof Leaks & Cracked Tiles

We can handle any property damage claims but these are the claims we specialize in since we’ve seen so many of these cases.  We know how to prepare these types of claims to recover the maximum dollar amount that YOU deserve.

We will prepare your claim in such a manner that we actually corner the insurance company in a situation that they can’t win so they HAVE TO PAY YOU the money YOU deserve for the damages sustained.  Being a very good public adjuster entails more than simply showing up, taking photos, and creating an estimate.  We do 3D maps of your property, request data from weather centers in your zip code (if needed) and identify legal and policy language that will hold your insurance company fully liable for all damages YOUR property sustained.

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