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It’s only normal for us to try to protect our homes the best we can. And, when things go south, we may be helpless to prevent anything.

For property owners in Palm Bay, it’s difficult to avoid damages caused by storms with high winds and rain. After a bad storm, people often get property damage that they didn’t immediately identify and need the help of a public adjuster. Public Adjusters are licensed insurance claims professionals that appraise damages done to properties.

Suffer property damage?  You want to hire an experienced Public Adjuster in Palm Bay to help you in taking on the insurance company.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners with the complex processes involving insurance claims. The terms and languages involved are often so difficult to comprehend. We can represent your interests and offer professional guidance and representation. Since we are compensated based on the amount you recover, we don’t get paid until you are paid! This way, our clients can expect their best efforts.

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company, you need a certified public adjuster to help in the process.

When you have a property damage claim, let us help you:

-We answer all your questions and calls

-We read and Interpret your insurance policy language

-We have vast experience in the legal industry

-We negotiate a settlement that gets you the most money that YOU deserve


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