Orlando Public Adjuster


A Public Adjuster is a state licensed insurance professional that represents property owners.  They DO NOT represent the insurance company.  They are forbidden from representing insurance company for any task.  They will help property owners get a settlement with the insurance company by documenting the claim, taking photos, creating an estimate, and submit other pieces of evidence in an effort to settle your claim. 


When property owners suffer property damage they usually think “I’m not going to hire a Public Adjuster or Lawyer, I’ll deal with the insurance company myself”

What usually happens in this case?

A few things:

  1. The insurance company will “conveniently” fail to account for ALL the damages to your property
  2.  The insurance company will offer (if any offers made) a substantial lower figure than you expected
  3. You will learn quickly the insurance company is slowly dragging the claim out so they don’t have to pay YOU right away.

This is why it’s a best practice to hire a public adjuster right from the start.  When you start to look for a public adjuster in Orlando, make sure you hire a very good, experienced public adjuster.  

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