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Claims I handle in the Orlando area?

Most of the claims that I handle in the Orlando area are:

A lot of Roof claims

Some hail damaged roofs, tropical storms, just storms in general due to some wind event and heavy rains.   Also, more and more roof claims I seem to get from people in Orlando are DENIED ROOF CLAIMS.

Seems like its the same companies denying ROOF CLAIMS:

-Citizens  -UPC   -American Integrity  -TypTap  -State Farm  -FedNat   -Universal   -Security First  -Heritage  and many more

Water Damage Claims, Plumbing Claims like Slab Leaks, Burst Pipes

The second most common claim I handle as a Public Adjuster in Orlando is any type of water damage claim.  Now, like roofing claims, seems like I’m getting a lot of denied water damage claims, denied water claims in general.  Also, I think a big mistake people are making is when they start the claim and what they say during filing their claim.

Here is a good video that can help:

Other Claims I handle in Orlando Area

Cast Iron Pipes  ( a lot)

Cast Iron Pipe claims are the 3rd most type of claims I handle.  Not only in Orlando but throughout the entire State of Florida.  There is a running joke that I’m the “Cast Iron King” amount public adjusters.

Termite Damage

I’ve had a few of these over years.  However, with Termite Damage, in order to make a successful claim on your insurance, you need to have a COLLAPSE wall or ceiling.


Last year I had 3 Fire Claims that I handles in the Orlando area:

-Winter Gardens


-Southport area

My name is Mike Keeler, I am a licensed Public Adjuster in Orlando, if you need help with a claim please give me a call.

Mike Keeler, Public Adjuster - The Claim Squad

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