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North Miami has a large population of Haitian Americans in its community.  Haitians are very familiar with disasters from earthquakes, flooding, and Hurricanes have all hit Haiti over the last 20 years.  It’s been very unfortunate to see Mother Nature crush the island in different ways over the years.  But Haitians are very resilient people.  They have tough mindset, positive attitudes, and are hard-working.

What happens if you own property in North Miami and it becomes damaged? Its best to hire a well respected Public Adjuster in North Miami to help represent YOU against the insurance company.


Why use a Public Adjuster?

Our senior adjuster, Mike Keeler, is the only public adjuster in the entire State of Florida that:

-Worked as an Investigator for both an Insurance Company and large Law Firm

While working for the insurance company, Mike learned the games that insurance companies use on their own policyholders.  It was after this experience that he then went to work with attorneys working on property damage lawsuits on the behalf of the property owner NOT the insurance company.   Once again, he is back at it, helping people against the insurance company.

Make no mistake, if you need a public adjuster that will

-Fight for you

-Help recover a large settlement

-Answer any of your questions

Then give Mike a call today!!

New Claims, Denied Claims