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Naples & Marco Island Public Adjusters


Naples is filled with “snow-birds”, tourists, beachgoers, and golf lovers.  Naples has over 80 golf courses and is known as “Golf Capital of the World.”  While living in Naples is a paradise, the property you live in may not be as pleasant due to a variety of hazards that can damage it.  Naples has suffered their share of cast iron pipe, fire, lightning, wind and water damage claims throughout the years.  Most of the claims have been in residential, condo/townhomes, and commercial buildings.

If you own property that suffers property damage, do you know a public adjuster in Naples you would contact for help with your claim?  

Live in Marco Island? We can help you as well if you’re looking for a public adjuster in Marco Island as well.

The Claim Squad Public adjusters can help you no matter the size of your property or the size of your damage.  We can help property owners if you own a 500 sq. ft. condominium, a 5,000 sq. ft. house, or a 500,000 sq. ft. commercial warehouse.   Whether your property damage is from:

-Strong Winds                                     -Bad Storms

-Fire or Lightning                               -Water Damage from Leaks

Why do property owners hire us?   Because we have unique industry experience stemming from working in an insurance company and a large law firm as an Investigator.  No other public adjuster has this type of experience which is invaluable when dealing with insurance companies and understanding the law.   


Our senior public adjuster has worked for a large insurance company investigating property damage claims.  He understands the thinking of insurance companies, the process they go thru to make a low-ball offer, and the reasons they deny your claim.   

YOUR insurance company believes in:

DENYING your claim

DELAYING your claim

DEFENDING your claim

If you own property that has been damaged, start the process early, give us a call.  We can help!

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