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Miami Public Adjusters


Miami is the largest tropical city in the United States.  The beaches, hotels, restaurants and even the people are beautiful.  Miami has so many attractions from professional sports teams like The Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins to an entire Art Deco district.   There is culture, excitement, and flare on the streets of Lincoln & Collins Road.   

Miami also has Tropical Storms where strong winds, rain, flooding, and lightning cause havoc in this tropical paradise.  Do you have a public adjuster in Miami to call if you suffer any property damage?  Why would hire just any public adjuster?   Hire the best public adjuster in Miami to guide you thru this process involving the damage to your property.   The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in Wind, Water, Mold and Lightning damage claims.  We are experts in these claims, so let us help you get every dollar you deserve.

Public Adjusters are trained professionals with varying degree of knowledge and experience.  Public Adjusters are hired by private individuals or businesses in Miami to help property owners get every dollar they deserve when they have a property damage claim.  Disasters and accidents are never planned for and can occur, at any time.

Insurance companies enjoy taking money but not too eager to pay it you.  When you file a property damage claim, they tend to bring up irrelevant facts and misinterpret policy in order to make an excuse on why they shouldn’t pay you.   If you do suffer property damage, hire the best public adjuster in Miami.  The Claim Squad Public adjusters represent residents of Miami in their property damage claims.  They are highly experienced, specialized, and skilled at negotiating with insurance companies.


Tropical storms can be just as devastating as a Hurricane because they can stay over a certain part of Florida for a couple days bringing lots of rain and winds.

Your settlement will be 5-8 times greater, on average, with our help.  We take a unique approach to handling your claim and presenting it to the insurance company for maximum effect.  We highlight the policy language, utilize past legal cases, and use state statutes to make certain your claim is impervious to denial.


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