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Miami Beach Public Adjuster

Miami Beach Public Adjuster


In Miami Beach, the weather remains intense often. Miami Beach has been hit with 30 hurricanes, more than any other city in Florida. 

Whether it is your home, condominium or apartment, insurance is the best protection for you to help minimize your loss during a Hurricane, Tropical Storm, or other wind event. The damage to your homes and condominiums is unavoidable. Not only the hurricanes but the thunderstorm can damage your homes because the weather in Miami Beach is severe.

It is obvious that you have just one option left to keep your homes and condominiums safe and that is insurance. However, when damage hits your property you want the best Miami Beach Public Adjuster to represent you against your insurance company. Keep in mind that the Public Adjusters work on your behalf not the insurance company. 

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters will be your partner every step of the way in your property damage claim in Miami Beach.  Having a very good public adjuster on your side can help you in dealing with the insurance company. Make sure to hire the best public adjusters in Miami Beach, The Claim Squad Public Adjusters to get the maximum amount you deserve, not what the insurance company thinks you deserve. 

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters take every possible step that is needed to get the maximum settlement for you.

Why should you choose The Claim Squad Public Adjusters?

Public Adjusters are NOT all the same, trust me.  We have a team of experienced Public Adjusters who serve the people here in Miami Beach. Our Public Adjusters will make sure that you get the maximum amount you deserve. The insurance company is not in your friend in this process. Our senior adjuster, Mike Keeler, who worked for an insurance company and a large law firm as an Investigator.  He knows the internal workings of an insurance company, their dirty tricks, and ways around their unethical treatment of property owners.

If you are living in a Miami Beach and your home, condominium or commercial property has been damaged, then do not wait, call us.  Let us deal with the insurance company on your behalf to get the amount you deserve.

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