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When is the best time to speak with and hire a Public Adjuster?

The earlier in the process the better.  Preferably, right at the very start of your claim.  Why?  Because we tend to find a lot more damage then your insurance find.  Imagine that!   Yep, insurance companies have a “habit” of leaving out a lot of damage in the estimate they create.  However, when you hire us, we make sure every little scratch, scuff, and speck of dirty is taken into consideration.

With a very good public adjuster you will allow someone else to handle your claim on your behalf.  However, hiring just any public adjuster in Melbourne, is not the best solution.  You need someone that is Knowledgeable on insurance policies, Experience dealing with all types of claims, and history of settling claims with insurance companies.

The Maximum Settlement possible

Insurance companies have claim adjusters who work for them so they can find ways to minimize the amount they pay you.  With the help of a good public adjuster you’re sure to get a very good settlement for your claim.


Get the settlement you deserve by working with a public adjuster.

New Claims, Denied Claims