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Lighthouse Point is a beautiful small city that lies east of Federal Highway across from Pompano Beach.  Lighthouse Point is filled with water canals, golf carts on the streets, fishermen and boats.  For such a small town it offers some great restaurants ranging from Papa’s Raw Bar to The Fish Shack to Bonefish Mac’s just to name a few.   Residential homes are on dry lots and on the water, therefore the value of homes have a large spectrum.  But one thing remains pretty consistent with these Lighthouse Point homes regardless of value, they all sustain some form of property damage.  From the years 2010 to 2020, Lighthouse Point has had property damage claims from the following events:

-Broke Cast Iron Pipes           -Roof Leaks                -AC Leaks                   -Lightning Damage

-Wind Damage from Storms & Hurricanes               -Mold Damage            -Fires

Hiring a good Public Adjuster in Lighthouse Point is essential when you do have some type of property damage claim so that you have somebody fighting for you and your family.

It really comes down to a few things when it comes to hiring a very good public adjuster in

  • Experience- Our lead adjuster Mike Keeler has extensive experience in property damage claims
  • Knowledge- Mike worked in an insurance company and law firm as an Investigator, he knows how insurance companies operate from an inside view
  • Results- Our only goal is maximize every dollar you deserve, NOT what the insurance company thinks you deserve

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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