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Working with a Public Adjuster

Have you every worked with a public adjuster before?

Why work with a public adjuster?

Public Adjusters represent the property owner/policy holder when their own insurance company doesn’t want to pay the full amount of the claim or deny the claim outright.

If you have suffered property damage, calling a public adjuster would be a sound decision.  The fees are very nominal compared to property damage lawyers.

Not every public adjuster will advise you what to do immediately when you have property damage.  I’m going to share a few tips.

1.  File you claim immediately

2.  Document everything with notes, videos, and pictures

3.  Call a Public Adjuster in Lauderhill to help prove your claim to the insurance company

There are many other benefits of working with a Public Adjuster.  The most important factor is HIRING THE RIGHT PUBLIC ADJUSTER!!

Insurance companies DO NOT LIKE TO PAY CLAIMS!  They are hoping you don’t hire a public adjuster so that they can deny your claim or offer you a very low settlement.  They will tell you take it or leave it when they offer you a low settlement.  Don’t settle for this type of situation where the insurance company will make it look like you have no rights and you should accept the offer.

There are many things we can do to help in this situation.  Just give us a call.

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