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Lauderhill Public Adjusters


Have you suffered property damage in Lauderhill? Tropical storms, hurricanes, lightning, and water can damage your homes, condominiums, and businesses. When hurricanes or water damages strike your home, it can result in a significant loss.  Do you have a public adjuster in Lauderhill to help you if your insurance company refuses to pay your claim? 

Let me tell you why The Claim Squad Public Adjusters are the best public adjusters in Lauderhill.

Why get a public adjuster?

Public Adjusters represent the property owner/policy holder when their own insurance company doesn’t want to pay the full amount of the claim or deny the claim outright.

If you have suffered property damage, calling a public adjuster would be a sound decision.  The fees are very nominal compared to property damage lawyers.  

Not every public adjuster will advise you what to do immediately when you have property damage.  I’m going to share a few tips.  For even more tips, please fill out the 10 step guide on our website to get a FREE guide.   

When you have suffered property damage there are 10 things you need to do, here are a few:

  • Make sure you take care of your family and personal belongings
  • Prevent the property from suffering additional damage
  • Document everything that has been damaged

Look under FAQs on our website to read more about the things you need to do after you have suffered property damage.

We will provide One-on-One personalized service, so if you have any questions about your claim, policy, or wondering how your case is, just give us a call.  We will promptly return your call the same business day.

Hiring just any public adjuster in Florida is not an option when dealing with YOUR property that has been damaged and with money that the insurance company should rightfully pay YOU for this damage.  

Let’s talk about your claim, call us now.

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