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Kissimmee Public Adjusters

Heavy Rain
Tornado Damage
Florida Hurricane

Kissimmee is located just south of Orlando with a population close to 80,000 residents and in close proximity of Disney World.  As a result, Disney is one of the largest employers for residents of Kissimmee.  In 2004, Hurricane Charley struck the city causing damage to residential and commercial properties.  Then, 3 weeks after Hurricane Charley came Hurricane Frances, and 3 weeks after Hurricane Frances came Hurricane Jeanne.

What happens if you own property in Kissimmee and it becomes damaged due to a Hurricane or strong winds?  Doesn’t matter if it’s a home, apartment building, retail store or restaurant.  Are you content in letting your insurance company tell you how much your claim is worth?  

Do you know a good public adjuster who will be able to property represent you if your property is damaged?   The Claim Squad Public Adjusters are the best public adjusters in Kissimmee because we have handled over 70+ Hurricanes in Florida throughout the years.  We helped small businesses, commercial buildings, homes, townhomes, gas stations, warehouses and other property owners recover from a Hurricane.   We take a unique approach when it comes to Hurricane claims.  We gather a lot of weather documentation in and around the community where you live.  Additionally, we do various computer generated diagrams to show how the damage to your property occurred.    No other public adjuster in Kissimmee or in the State of Florida has this type of property damage claim approach.

Most public adjusters are more concerned about collecting their fee then they are being experts in their field.

Are public adjusters worth it?


Here are 3 reasons why hiring a good public adjuster in worth the cost:

1.  Much lower fees than attorneys.  Public Adjusters charge 10% to 20%.  Attorneys = 40%

2.  A good public adjuster like The Claim Squad will make sure you have NO out of pocket costs

3.  Very small companies so you will receive personalized service and attention 

About us

Our senior adjuster, Mike Keeler, is the only public adjuster in the entire State of Florida that:

-Worked as an Investigator for both an Insurance Company and large Law Firm

While working for the insurance company, Mike learned the dirty tricks that insurance companies us on their own insured.  It was after this experience that he then went to work with attorneys working on property damage lawsuits on the behalf of the property owner NOT the insurance company.   The experience he has is unprecedented and can’t be matched.

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